Art and Music Appreciation Series 2: Renoir and Beethoven

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Here's the second installment of our homeschool art series. I've attached the pdf for the worksheets I created to give to my son. I have simplified the information for an elementary level. If your student is older, you may wish to incorporate some of Renoir's nudes, which are plentiful and beautiful. I chose to remove them from this series. I found that I had pare down the biographies as well. Not just for these two historical figures, but for many artists in the upcoming videos. These artists and musicians led some very colorful lives!

The worksheets were made for my 3rd grader, but would be appropriate for any student in elementary school. Because of the simplified biographies, you may want to request that older students find 5 facts about the artist and composer not found on the bio sheets. At the end of the day, I wanted my 8 year old to know what Impressionism looked like, the names of three prominent artist in the field, and what the were famous for. (Monet - nature/landscapes, Renoir - painting people, and Degas - painting ballerinas) If he could look at an impressionist painting and give an educated guess as to the artist responsible, I feel like we did a good job.

This video is the second of three I have planned for Impressionism before moving on. As mentioned above, Edgar Degas will be highlighted in our next video.

Let me know what you think below the video on YouTube. We'd love feedback! Thank you all for watching and reading, and I'm so pleased that other Moms and kids are enjoying the worksheets.

Renoir and Beethoven - Video Lesson #2
Download P • 1.64MB

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