Elementary Native American Study - Part 1

My son's curriculum started discussing Native Americans, so my husband and I decided to create a new 2 part video series. I found a ton of images on the Smithsonian museum website of artwork created by Europeans and Americans depicting the people and the landscape of the Americas. In this first video, I've put together some of this artwork. I'm working on part 2. It will highlight Native artwork. While I looked for music to include that was original, I was not able to find anything that I could legally use. We did, however, take a few minutes to check out the old cylinder recordings of actual Native American music found at the Library of Congress. The recordings are scratchy, but we found it really interesting to listen to. I found some of them here. Available Online, Alice C. Fletcher and Francis La Flesche Collection of Omaha Cylinder Recordings | Library of Congress (

The activity in the worksheets below highlight the commodities passed from the New World to the Old World and vice versa. My son enjoyed doing this, and both he and I learned a few things.

While I know that the passing of things between these two groups was not always pleasant, my children are 3 and 8, so I was very selective as to what I included. There will be plenty of time for me to expand their knowledge in this area in the coming years. For us, this was merely an introduction. We've chosen to fill their little minds with beautiful images, Native American stories as our daily read aloud activity, and some arts and crafts that are inspired by Native American art. I'll take some pictures of what the boys create and add it to the blog entry for part 2. We are also reading The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare as our nighttime story.

The worksheets for Part 1 of this series are available to download for free here:

Native American video 1 activity
Download PDF • 19.40MB

The video on YouTube is available to watch here.

I hope your kiddos enjoy this activity and video!! Happy Valentine's Day!

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