100th Day of School in a virtual world.

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

My son was so excited in Kindergarten when he got his first assignment for a "project." In a few weeks it would be his 100th day of school and he had to present 100 of...something...and talk in front of the class. He also had to count to 100 by 10's. I don't remember this existing when I was a kid. I mean yeah, we hit that milestone year after year, but I don't remember it being a thing to celebrate.

We walked around the house, trying to figure out if we had 100 of anything. Do freckles count? Dust bunnies? Our eyes finally landed on his Lego bin. He has a pretty serious Lego collection. We finally decided on Lego minifigs, and we lined them all up on a green Lego baseplate. (I had to google this...turns out that plastic "grass" sheet is called a baseplate.)

We sat looking at it and thought it was pretty anticlimactic. Mini-figs are awesome, and yet it didn't do them justice. This is when my husband,who is a videographer, stepped in. He and my son decided to build a set and film a presentation to show to his class. Not only did this allow my son to do his counting without the added pressure of public speaking, but his friends thought it was awesome. I like looking back and hearing my now 8 year-old's little itty bitty 5 year-old voice. Now that we homeschool, and plan to for the rest of his school career, these little windows into his school-life are fun.

My son's school liked the video so much they showed it in the auditorium in front of everyone, which made me and my husband happy and my son mortified. His school was pre-school through 12th grade. I found the video a few weeks ago and thought I'd share it. The world might need a few virtual ideas for the hundredth day of school in 2021.

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