Art & Music Appreciation Series Part 5: Paul Gauguin and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Hello again! This is our 5th video and 5th collection of worksheets. This week we are finishing up our Post-Impressionism unit with Paul Gauguin and listening to several pieces composed by Mozart.

Here's the link to the video! :)

Here are the 3 worksheets, which include brief biographies of the artist and composer, and a word find. They are a downloadable pdf, and are FREE. Yay!

Paul Gauguin was born on June 7, 1848 in
Download • 2.08MB

My son has been enjoying the time we spend on these. It's been a pretty laid back part of our work week. I usually play the video on our living room television while I read the biographies to him, and then let him do the independent worksheet after. I try to make the last worksheet something my 3rd grader can complete on his own. He tends to ask questions as we work though the video and sheets, so I take a few minutes after to look up the answers to his questions. This weeks worksheets led to a lot of questions about what the French Polynesian Islands are and what it means to be a Merchant Marine. :) I love these chances for him to discover things and learn HOW to look up information.

We hope your kiddos like these as well!

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