Art & Music Appreciation Series Part 3: Edgar Degas and Franz Liszt.

This is the final art and music video in out series on impressionism. We will do a two part post-impressionism series starting next week. This weeks shows several art pieces by Edgar Degas and music by Franz Liszt. I've added a link to download the FREE pdf of worksheets I made for my 3rd grader to go along with this video. I think they would be appropriate from 1st grade up through middle school, but younger kids would need assistance reading the material.

There is an extra worksheet this time that sums up all three videos in this series. If you are not doing these in order, or are only doing this one, just ignore the last worksheet.

Franz Liszt and Edgar Degas - Video Less
Download • 8.15MB

I hope you enjoy it! We've been having fun adding this into our son's homeschool routine. We also hope you all had a beautiful holiday season and are all happy and healthy.

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