Art and Music Appreciation series Part 1: Monet and Tchaikovsky.

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

We were looking for ways to peak the interest of our 3rd grader. His curriculum was lacking in art and music appreciation. We knew he wasn't going to seek out fine art on his own, or classical music, but boy, does our kid LOVE YouTube. So, my husband and I have started a new series of Art/Music Appreciation videos so he can feel like he's zoning out to YouTube, and I can feel like something is entering his brain that is educational. I tried my best to put the art in the video in order of date produced, so that the viewer could see the growth of the artist. I've also tried to give some kid friendly information in my worksheet pages as to who the artist and musician being featured was. The first video features many works by Monet, and several recognizable music pieces by Tchaikovsky.

We hope you enjoy! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel so that we can keep providing you with these resources. We thought we might as well share the work we've been doing!

The pdf below has 3 printable worksheets. The first two are informational pages about the artist and musician, the third is questions for your kiddo(s).

Monet_Tchakovsky worksheets
Download PDF • 6.55MB

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